Ysgol Llanddulas

School Council / Y Senedd

The school has a number of Senedd groups which give the pupils the opportunity to take responsibility and contribute to decision making in school.  Currently we have the following pupil groups

  • Curriculum Senedd
  • Eco Senedd
  • Humanities Senedd
  • STEM Senedd
  • Health and Wellbeing Senedd
  • Creative Arts Senedd
  • Criw Cymraeg

Senedd groups include pupils from year 2 to year 6 who work with school staff.  Each group has devised its own Mission Statement and created a clear Action Plan. They have also elected their own Chair and Vice Chair persons.

Eco Senedd

Our Eco Senedd group successfully maintained our Eco Schools Platinum status in February 2020.

They support our pupils to make positive changes in their local environment/community and promote the 5 R’s across the school environment: Recycle; Respect; Restore; Reduce; Reuse.

They have developed a school Eco Code, and recent projects have successfully focused on reducing single use plastic, reducing waste paper and saving energy across the school.

They help to support our pupils to develop as ‘Ethically Informed Citizens’

Curriculum Senedd
Our Curriculum Senedd help give pupils a voice in planning and leading their learning. They helped organise our whole school pantomime trip, and planned a 6 Nations Tournament for all the pupils.
Humanities Senedd
Our Humanities Senedd group organise a range of community events and fundraising activities in school. The Humanities Senedd helps our pupils develop as ‘Healthy and Confident Individuals’ who are thoughtful and kind and think of others.
Criw Cymraeg

Our Criw Cymraeg work to develop the use of Welsh across the school by both pupils and staff. They are helping the school to work towards achieving Cymraeg Campus Silver Award.
It is their job to help staff ensure that Welsh is used as much as possible within classes and around the school, and ensure that a strong Welsh ethos is developed across the school.

STEM Senedd

Members of our STEM Senedd have been running a Sphero Club for our younger pupils to help them develop their coding skills, and have lots of fun!  They have also received some BBC micro: bits from @microbit_edu and cannot wait to get programming with the other classes.

Health and Wellbeing Senedd

Our Health and Wellbeing Senedd had a massive role in our 7-Day Rowing Challenge Community Event.  They helped raise awareness about how to stay fit and healthy and contributed to a great community event that raised funds for a new minibus and defibrillators for the school and community. 

They are busy working on the new 6 Nations project and organising another Wellbeing day for the school, along with a range of events to keep all the children active and healthy.

Colwyn Bay Rotary Club supporting our 7 Day Row Event