Returning to School

Social distancing

How will the school organise social distancing

Our aim is to facilitate and encourage social distancing throughout school.

·       There will be staggered start and finish times for all children.

·       We have established a system for ensuring that children go to the toilet one at a time. 

·       Pupils will be reminded regularly of the importance of social distancing.

·       Pupils will be monitored (whether they are inside or out) in order to encourage social distancing. 

 However, it is very important to make it clear that we are not expecting social distancing to be maintained for all children at all times. 

Children are going to find it very challenging to do so and if they are being constantly told off for getting too close to their friends it would be a very stressful time for them.

·       Pupils will be arranged into small groups/bubbles. 

·       No more than 7 pupils per group.

·       The children in each group will be given sufficient space in class to maintain social distancing by 2m. 

·       Each group/bubble will be not be mixing with other groups.

·       We will be keeping each group/bubble of children away from other groups in the school as much as possible – for example when on the playground there will be zones for each group and each group will be restricted to playing in their zone. 

Whilst outside children are going to be allowed to play in their zones; this will mean running around,kicking balls between them and chatting to each other.

We will be asking them to try to keep 2m distance from each other but it is likely that, in their bubble, they will have some contact.

Children will not eat in the hall – they will either remain in classrooms or eat in their allocated zones outside. 


Will hand sanitizer be available in the classrooms? 

Can children bring hand gel?

Guidance states that hand-washing is more effective than using hand sanitiser and we will have set times at which children are asked to wash their hands each day (before entering the building, in the morning, before eating, after being outside, before and after using the toilet, before going home).

Reminders and guidance will be given about effective hand-washing and when possible we will try to monitor hand washing to ensure that children are doing it effectively.

Sanitiser dispensers have been purchased and available to use for all pupils.

Staff will be monitoring children using hand sanitiser to ensure that they are using it correctly.

If pupils have their own sanitisers it is fine for them to bring to use, please ensure that you stress to them to keep them to themselves and don’t offer to share with other children. 

Children will be asked to keep tissues on hand at all times and reminded that they should use tissues when coughing/sneezing when possible and coughing/sneezing into their elbows if no tissue is to hand.  They will be asked to ensure that tissues are binned after use.


Will the children be required to wear a mask?

No children will be required to wear a mask or any other item of PPE.

Some staff are likely to choose to wear masks and gloves as it will help them to feel more comfortable in school.

Will school be FULLY open from 29th June 2020?

No. From 29th June 2020 the Welsh Government has asked schools to work towards a phased return with only a maximum of 30% of the children in school at any one time.

How many days will my child have in school between 29thJune and 27thJuly?

We are planning to offer 3/4 full days to every child over the course of the school opening.

Can I choose which days my child/ren attend?

No. We’re sorry but there are a lot of factors which need to be considered: availability of staff, emergency childcare, family groups.  We have tried our best to place your child/ren in friendships and days you have indicated a preference for.

Will Breakfast Club or after school clubs be running?

Breakfast club and after school childcare will only be running for the children of registered essential workers.

Does my child have to return to school before the summer holiday?

No. Where a parent or carer wishes for their child to remain at home, then school will support this decision. Local Authority will not be issuing fines for children who do not attend.

All children will be continue to be supported with the online learning until the end of term.

I am a keyworker. What happens now?

School has remained open children for whom their parents or carers who are Covid19 critical keyworkers.  This provision will continue until the end of term, and we request parents to book places via the booking link.

My child is currently in receipt of a shielding letter from the WG (Clinically extremely vulnerable). What will happen?

Welsh Government guidelines remain that anyone who is currently shielding should not come back to school for the time being.

My child is in the clinically vulnerable group? What will happen?

There is no updated guidance around children returning to school who fall into this category. However, we know that adults in the clinically vulnerable (moderate risk) group are at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus and have been advised to practice strict social distancing. Parents should seek medical advice.

Can you guarantee social distancing within school?

Whilst we can’t guarantee it, every day the child comes in they will be talked through the necessary precautions, including hand washing and social distancing.  Teachers will monitor and keep reminding children through the day. The school will be as safe as reasonably possible. Our children are young and the younger they are the more difficult it will be to manage social distancing. However, control measures are in place to reduce this where possible.

Will all staff be tested for Covid19 before working in school?

Teachers are now in the priority group for testing if they are showing symptoms.

Will staff be wearing PPE? Can my child wear a mask?

Masks only prevent the spread of infection if worn correctly. The Welsh Government Guidance advises the wearing of masks where it is not possible to socially distance which may be the case in school. If an individual (staff or child) wishes to do so it will be allowed. The LA have advised that PPE should not be worn as the norm. However, PPE will be worn for certain tasks such as first aid, changing younger children if necessary.

Will visitors be allowed in school including parents?

Any visitors in school will be by appointment only. School will be minimising face to face contact. Parents will not be allowed into school unless by prior arrangement with the Headteacher.

We appreciate parental support with this and politely request you do not come beyond the marked area when dropping off your children.

The family of a child who is attending school is not following Government guidelines on social distancing. What will happen?

School is not able to police the actions of families. However, where families are not following social distancing guidelines on the school grounds they will be stopped from using the provision.

My child is displaying symptoms. Can they come to school?

No. Anyone displaying the following symptoms should remain at home:

·       new, continuous cough

·        a high temperature

·        A loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell (anosmia).

Your child should remain at home and self-isolate for 7 days. Fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days.

On arrival at school, we will complete and symptoms check with parents and also scan temperatures.

If a child has a high temperature, we will not be able to admit them to school.

What happens if my child starts to display symptoms whilst at school?

If your child starts to display symptoms at school, then they will be isolated. Parents will be called and be expected to collect their child immediately.

Parents MUST ensure that they have provided school with up to date emergency contact details.

What will happen if a member of staff with my child, or another child starts to display symptoms?

If a member of staff, or another child who is with your child starts to display symptoms, they will be directed to go home and arrange a Covid19 test.
All other members of the class will be sent home to self-isolate until the test result is received.

What will happen if a child disregards social distancing and handwashing?

In the first instance this is a behavioural issue and the usual systems will be in place with the addition of parents being informed in the first instance.

However, if the action is repeated and a child wilfully and persistently refuses to cooperate their place will be withdrawn for the safety of everyone in the group.

What preparations is the school making to maintain safety?

The LA are advising the school on Risk Assessments and measures put in place to maintain safety.  Cleaning routines have also been increased.  The following measures have also been put in place:

·       Each classroom has been assessed for capacity, to ensure there is enough room to maintain 2 metre social distancing

·       Staff are reorganising rooms to allow for social distancing; some furniture will be stored.

·       Items not to be used are being taped off/removed

·       Masks have been sourced for all staff if they are required

·       The yard and pathways will be marked in 2m areas

·       Staggered timetable is being put in place for start and end of the day and also breaks and lunchtime.

·       There will be signage around the school to remind everyone about handwashing and social distancing

·       Strict areas for use by single groups only.

·       We will share further details with you and your child before they return to school, to ensure everyone is aware of the new arrangements.

How will hand washing be managed in school?

All staff and children in school will be expected to wash their hands on entry, and then regularly throughout the day using soap and water. Staff will support children to ensure they are washing correctly. Where a child refuses to wash their hands, then provision will need to be reviewed.

Will my child be in their normal classroom? With staff they know?

Each group will be self-contained and will not mix or potentially even see the other groups. Each group will be in their usual classroom except for the pupils of key workers who will be in the hall area. We expect that your child will be with their usual staff.

Will my child be with their friends?

We will do our best to accommodate friendships however as there are many conflicting requirements this may not be possible

What if my child is unhappy in their group and does not settle?

You have the choice as a parent whether to send your child back to school this term. We are not able to change the groups of children.

Will school be operating a normal curriculum?

No. Children will be classroom based and will have designated outside areas.

Children in the Foundation Phase will utilise the outdoor area immediately outside of the classroom as well as other areas on site. Key Stage 2 children will have designated areas outside for their class. 

Soft furnishings and resources that are difficult to clean have been removed/taped off. 

Displays that are interactive will be taped off.

What will happen at lunchtime?

All children who attend must bring a pre-prepared lunch in a lunch box.  Lunches will be eaten in classes to further support effective social distancing.

Handwashing and cleaning will take before and after all meals.

Children accessing the Key Worker provision will continue to be provided with a school lunch. From 29th June this will be a packed lunch.

What will my child do at playtime?

Children will need to remain 2m apart in their designated areas. They can chat, dance, play and spend time together outdoors.

We will also be asking the children for their ideas

Any play equipment which is used will be sanitised at the end of the day, and children will wash their hands after each playtime.

What will my child need to bring/wear?

Bring: Lunch box, bottle of water, sunhat, coat, personal medication

Wear: normal school uniform / own clothes, but these must be changed or washed daily

Can my child bring a snack?

Yes. The children can bring in their own healthy snack (no chocolate/cake/crisps/biscuits)

Will my child be able to use the outdoor play equipment?

No. All playground equipment is taken out of use to prevent contact transmission of the virus

Can my child cycle or scoot to school?

Yes.  We encourage parents to choose active travel and consider walking to school with their child to avoid congestion.

Will my child attend school full time?

No. School will be shut to children for one day per week to allow for cleaning.  To maintain social distancing and ensure we do not exceed 30% of our capacity, we are only able to offer children 1 day a week in their class.

What will happen at the start and end of the day?

Each group will be given an arrival and departure time – this maybe different to usual school hours.

Parents and children are expected to maintain social distancing (2metres) outside school and in car parking areas.

 It is essential that you keep your child with you at all times and do not allow him/her to run off. If this is not adhered to, you may be asked to remove your child from the provision.

Parents are expected to wait with their child until collected by a staff member, and then leave the premises immediately after maintaining appropriate social distancing. A one way system will be in place for parents to follow. This will be clearly marked and we will be sharing a video of arrangements on the school website before 29th June.

Only one parent should bring/collect their child without other siblings/friends in order to minimise the number of people outside school

At the end of the day parents must remain in the waiting areas at the school gate and the children will be sent out one by one.

Social distancing must be observed. Please do not allow the children to run off or go onto the climbing frames etc. on the school field.

What time will the classroom doors open?

Staff will open the doors to admit the children at the designated time given. Until that time, whatever the weather, the child/parent must wait outside. Please dress accordingly and bring a coat and umbrella if it is likely to rain.

Will I be able to speak to my child’s teacher at the end of the day?

Parents are asked to communicate any messages or questions via email. Staff will not be able to have discussions at the beginning or end of the day.

This is for the following reasons –

·       to ensure admission is completed in a timely manner

·       to maintain social distancing requirements

·       staff will be engaged in cleaning tasks after the children have left.

Will my child still have first aid administered if required?

Yes. PPE will be worn by staff when carrying out first aid.

What if things change and I decide I no longer want my child to attend school this term?

If you decide you no longer wish for your child to attend, then you must notify school by speaking to the School Office. Your child will only be able to return when school reopens in September.

Is school being over cautious?

If ever there was a time to be cautious, then this would be it!

Our school family matters to us and we want to ensure that we can make school as safe as possible for when children and staff return. This takes time but we hope that you understand why we are taking these precautionary measures.

Will I still have contact with members of staff after 29th June if my child is not in school?

Yes. School will continue to keep in regular contact with families if their child is not attending. The online learning will continue through all of this.

Will school be open during the 5 week summer break?

What about Key Workers?

There are no plans for the school to be open during the summer holidays.

The LA will be taking over the running of the Emergency Childcare for Key Workers.

What will happen in September?

We really do not know yet, but will keep you informed as the situation develops and we receive further guidance.

My child is due to leave school this year, will there be some kind of Leavers’ event?

Sadly, there will be no ‘Leaver’s Assembly’ due to social distancing.  We will do our absolute best to ensure our leavers’ get the send-off they deserve.

Will my child get to meet their new teacher?

This will not be possible sadly. We will ensure a very comprehensive transition from September.

Bryn Elian are organising a transition day for our year 6 pupils, and we are waiting to hear from Eirias and Emrys ap Iwan.

My child has ALN. Will he/she be receiving specialist and/or additional help?

Each group of children will be no larger than 8 maximum, therefore it is an opportunity to do some differentiated work with pupils. There will be no additional intervention and we do not expect to be visited by any external agencies.

Pupils who receive individual support will continue to receive this.

What adults will be in each group?

There will be the class teacher in each group, and also a teaching assistant.

Will my child be getting a report this year?

Yes. The reports will be sent home during the penultimate week of term, via email

My child is due to start in Nursery in September will we be able to visit, and meet the teacher?

No, sadly this will not be possible this term. However, you will be provided with information and hopefully we will be in the position to hold an event in early September.

We will be in touch in due course to arrange start dates for your child when arrangements have been confirmed with Welsh Government.